Bang@ Salon Closing

Bang@ Salon Closing

With a heavy heart we decided to temporarily close our salon for our safety and for the safety of our community that we serve everyday. Unfortunately, while this is the best decision for the safety of others, this will mean that we will no longer have a way to earn a living.

As a community, we are asking for your help during these tough times. We believe that we are stronger together than when we are apart, and in these times we believe it’s more important to come together than ever.

Any donation that you can give is more than appreciated. In these tough times if you cannot donate, any warm words or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

100% of the donations will be evenly distributed directly to our employees.

You can donate a few different ways at this time. We have setup a go fund me page that you can donate w/ all proceeds going to our staff at this time.


Thank you,
Bang! Gang

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