Have you been watching Global Beauty Masters?

Have you been watching Global Beauty Masters?

global beauty masters

 Have you been watching Global Beauty Masters? We have and extremely excited for Team Bang! And if you haven’t well get started and see what all the hype is about. Also please note times have changed and will now be on three times a week! Monday on TLC at 11am/10C or on Discovery Life at Tuesdays at 11am/10c and Thursdays at 6pm/5c. So no more excuses on why you missed it.

April’s Monthly Tip from Apolonia!

Spring is here! Well almost and we have some warmer day tips from Apolonia here at Bang!


Hair Tip: Now that the beautiful warm weather is approaching, natural and effortless styling is essential. Show off those gorgeous waves with the R+Co Rockaway Sea Salt spray. Spray it on damp hair and air dry, diffuse in, or simply spray it on dry hair for that amazing fresh off the beach look Spiral shellWater wave Rockaway will be 15% off all month!


Product Tip: Dry ends from our cold dry winter? Help restore those natural oils and moisture with our Keratin Complex Infusion therapy deep conditioner. Leave it in for 5-10 mins while singing in the shower and rinse. You’re hair will feel absolutely incredible after and did we mention the vanilla bean scent? Yum!



avid donation


This year Bang Salon will be donating products and services to our friends at Chicago Public Schools! So if you’re in the south suburb area and looking for a fun night and a great cause, stop by 115 Bourbon Street!

Information is below and please always feel free to let us know of any of your own charities or causes you work with. We are always happy to donate and support our local friends and family!


Your participation helps send a deserving senior to a 4-year university with a $5,000 scholarship!

LOCATION: 115 Bourbon St – 3359 W 115th St, Merrionette Park, Illinois 60803

COST: $40 per person

TIME: 6:00pm to 11:00pm

Includes 2 hour food buffet & 5 hour drink package

For ticket info contact: Mary Jane Resendiz @ mjresendiz@gmail.com

*Advanced tickets include 5 raffle tickets!

March’s Monthly Tip from Victoria!


Welcome to our first and not last post on this month’s hair advice. This month features two tips from Victoria Nyquist, hairstylist here at Bang Salon. As an added touch Victoria’s product of the month, the R + Co dry shampoo will be an additional 20% off all March! Thanks Victoria!!

Hair Tip of the Month:

“Since washing your hair a lot is not good for both your hair and scalp, putting your hair up in a cute side braid or messy top not will help stretch to that extra day. Give your hair a break! It will thank you later!”

Product Tip of the Month:
Ever wonder how you can make your dry shampoo work to its full potential? Well here’s a little trick. Before you go to bed to prepare your second day hair, spray your roots and the dry shampoo is there ready to attack that oil! My favorite is the Death Valley by R+Co. It is a clear aerosol with the best ingredients to remove and absorb oils while conditioning the hair and adding volume.


Bang Salon! on Global Beauty Masters TLC


It’s time! Bang Salon! will be on this years Global Beauty Master’s on TLC starting this March! Watch as our very own Eli Mancha, Anne Mcdonough and Diana A’rce compete against the top salons around the world!

“Global Beauty Masters” offers viewers an insider’s perspective on the creative process during Battle Week, where beauty pros work together in teams. Enduring a week of rigorous competition, they must improvise, innovate and impress to reach the ultimate showdown, a Final Battle presented to a live audience. Written and directed by industry veteran Jim Milio and produced by his Emmy award-winning team, the series captures the artistry, passion and compelling characters, both in front and behind the camera. The series is co-produced by Jesse Combs, who also served as art director.

For more information visit www.globalbeautymasters.com/